Registration for the World Children’s Painting Festival


May 2021

Judging and Introducing the winners

March, April 2021


February 2021

The beginning of the festival

Participation Terms and Conditions

  • -The submitted works must be horizontal or vertical in the size of at least 17.7 by 12.7 cm and at most 20 by 30 cm, original (drawing or painting) and worked on paper or cardboard.
  • -The use of hand printing techniques, crayons, pens, paints, brushes and collages (flat and non-stick ) is free and any image produced with digital tools will not be accepted in the competition.
  • -Submitted works must be scanned in high resolution (300 Dpi and stored and sent in TiffJpg format with a maximum size of 1 MB -Each child can send only one work
  • -All submitted works must indicate their receipt and interpretation of the subject of this competition.
  • -The submitted works should not have signature, Pasbarto, frame, date, logo, and should not contain a watermark and linear border.
  • -Works performed by adults are excluded from the competition cycle.
  • It is not allowed to use any content, material or element that belongs to a third party or entity or violates advertising, privacy and intellectual property rights of a third party.
  • -If you see any copying of other people’s works, cartoon characters, etc., the work will be disqualified and will be excluded from the competition.
  • -Sending the work to this festival is a declaration of ownership by the sender and if it is proven otherwise, it will be removed at any stage.
  • -The organizer has the right to use the accepted works for use in catalogues, posters and related promotional items.
  • -The information of the registration form and the titles of the works will be used in the preparation of publishing and exhibition materials. Therefore, the participant is responsible for the accuracy of the submitted information.
  • -If the work is sent to the competition section, it is necessary to submit the original work by post, and failure to deliver the requested work within the deadline will result in exclusion from the competition.
  • -The festival secretariat does not accept any responsibility for damages caused by improper posting.
  • -Submitted works are possible only by registering on the site ( and
  • -All participants will be awarded a certificate of participation in this global event. -Received works will not be returned. -Decisions on unforeseen cases in the call will be the responsibility of the competition secretariat.
  • -The parent or guardian of the child must sign the form to participate in the festival and if they have helped the child in the formation of the work, indicate it in the registration form.

Side-event workshops

During the festival, educational workshops will be held to introduce Kerman and the executive techniques of production, which participants can use through the festival website.


Awards and badges

  • -The winners and the selected ones of the festival will be awarded certificates, badges and special prizes by Kerman Municipality and partner institutions.
  • -all of the participant will receive a participation certificate on behalf of the municipality of Kerman. -The selected works will be published in form of a book and will be screened in other countries of the world, in the city of Kerman and the selected so-called Twin cities.
Participate in the festival

Topic : From home to galaxy 

Dear child, draw it for us, whatever is around the house, neighborhood, city, village and everything that draws your attention, even an imaginary trip to Kerman.


Age classification:

Participation in the festival is open to children between the ages of 5 to 15. (Five to fifteen)


Participation fee : Participation in this event is free.

Deadline for submitting works has expired ...

Postal address:

Iran Kerman, Shura Square, Kerman Municipality Central Building, 3rd floor, Kerman Municipality Social-Cultural and Sports Organization

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