Event Schedule Calendar


Formation of the secretariat, policy council Formation, the formation of the jury, website final start and final preparation of the announcement call




The official call of the announcement, the start of training workshops




Workshops April: Workshops, the deadline for submitting works, initial judging, final judging


Announcement of results, online closing. 


Timing of the first course Deadline

From February 9, 2021 to April 30, 2021 -Introducing the winners: 17 May 2021

Event Executive Team

Festival President: Seyed Mehran Alamzadeh, Mayor of Kerman
Festival Secretary: Mohammad Jahanshahi, Head of the Social, Cultural and Sports Organization of Kerman Municipality and Deputy Mayor
Executive Secretary: Mehdi Jafari
Festival Secretariat: Zeinab Sajjadian
Project Manager: Avval Khesht Govashir Institute
Technical Executor: Frada Business Developers Group
Digital Consultant: Mohammad Hossein Jahanshahi

Postal address:

Iran Kerman, Shura Square, Kerman Municipality Central Building, 3rd floor, Kerman Municipality Social-Cultural and Sports Organization

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