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We thank all the children who participated in this competition who were from 37 countries of the world.

Announcement of preliminary results of those accepted...
The initial selection is complete and the names will be visible in a few minutes. Thank you for your patience


Names of initial applicants between 5 and 8 years old

Names of initial applicants between 9 and 11 years old

Names of initial applicants between 12 and 15 years old

Remaining until the end of the International Children's Painting Festival


List of nominees Kerman International Children's Painting Festival

Winnes List
8-5 years old

Winnes List
9-11 years old

Winnes List
12-15 years old

Winners List of Children with disabilities

Winners by children judges

Letter of Appreciation for children with diasbilities

of Appreciation

Friends whose names are written in the list of winners, send the original work to the postal address of the festival (written on the contact us page) as soon as possible.


متن سربرگ خود را وارد کنید.

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Holding such events can be an important and useful step towards achieving the ultimate goals of a child-friendly city

Since painting is the common language of children around the world, holding this event is an effective move to increase the child’s level of awareness of various aspects of life and on the other hand, raises their desire to participate in cultural and social competitions among children around the world.


Event Schedule Calendar

During the festival, educational workshops will be held to introduce Kerman and the executive techniques of production, which participants can use through the festival website.

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March and April

Deadline for submitting works and judging


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Festival ...

World Painting Festival

Given that the city of Kerman is a candidate for a child-friendly city, holding such events can be an important and useful step towards achieving the ultimate goals of a child-friendly city. Another goal of this event is to understand the child’s view of strengthening the sense of participation, identity and strengthening the child’s view and better introduce the historical and cultural city of Kerman to today’s children and tomorrow’s adults.

Participate in the festival

Topic : From home to galaxy

From home to galaxy Dear child, draw it for us, whatever is around the house, neighborhood, city, village and everything that draws your attention, even an imaginary trip to Kerman.


Age classification:

Participation in the festival is open to children between the ages of 5 to 15. (Five to fifteen)


Participation fee :

Participation in this event is free.


Participation in this event is free.

– The submitted works must be horizontal or vertical in the size of at least 17.7 * 12.7 cm and at most 20 * 30 cm, original (drawing or painting) and worked on paper or cardboard.

Partner organizations

Postal address:

Iran Kerman, Shura Square, Kerman Municipality Central Building, 3rd floor, Kerman Municipality Social-Cultural and Sports Organization

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